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Hit this Youtube link for a Video of our 4th of july performance at Cellar360, live with REAL Fireworks at the end...more will be on the way, a our pal Jerry Kennedy finds a place to hunker down and process a metric poopton of video...

4th of July Celebration on Youtube: http://youtube/WbgEgT7nnLo

Charlie throwin down "Gonna Move": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEfVfARIOOQ

Older Video of Para Donde Vas (at Cambria's Community Concert): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zh6z5oP89s4

Dog friendly "You ain't nuthin but a hound dog" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGZdctb3Ptk

Arroyo Grande Centenial Celebration : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OX8hoc_bu4o

From remote locations, throughout our beautyful county, Community Concerts, Winery, and whatnot....


Material from Grover Beach Community Concerts series...Big thanks to Rich Rolson for LIVE sound and bring the mix.

Some of our newer material will be previewed first......

If You Know .........bringin Los Fabulocos to you, an under the radar Tex Mex FUN band.

Chuco's Cumbia.....our pal Buffy suggested this Los Lobos tune. Thank ya, Buffster!

James Hunter Medly ...brangin the english soul music to you, from Father (Billy) and then son (Charlie). This under the radar guy mixes James Brown with Sam Cooke.

It's Allright....speakin' of soul, howzabout some Impressions? Frankie and Billy brang it, like Sam and Dave...well, kinda.Well, It's Alrite, then....

Beatles/Nick Lowe Medly ....yah, they flow right into each other, don't yah think? Well, don't yah??

We Used To Rule The World....howzahbout some NEW music, first song off the new Bonny Raitt album? Who sez ya can't teach an old dog...whoops, sorry Charlie.

Last Dance with MaryJane....some Tom Petty? Maybe long in the tooth, but every gets up and skanks.

Run Thru the Jungle.....you want Credence? Join us on a pshychodelic romp in the swamp. Hose off when done.

Devil's Daughtor...we REALLY love country music, the old barralhouse honky tonk stuff. So does Hank Williams the 3rd. Can't do much of his stuff, tho, he's got such a potty mouth.Charlie brangs it on this 4 minute rev into a real honky tonk rauser.

Outasite...some James BRown, perhaps? Wokay, gitcher good foot on.

Runnin Down A Dream....some folks have said we do this Better than Tom Petty. I would never say that, but havin 2 guitar players goin' back and forth can make yah reach for the dramamine.

Pink/Breeze....wait a second...mixing Harry Mancini with Lynrd Skynrd? Yah, it can be done. Just mix....and shake.....and shake ....and shake...

Monkee...Delbert McClindon, TEXAS STYLE.And who else meets new girls at the zoo? Tell it, Frankie!

Gone Pecon ..let's go to Louisiana, and romp hard, urban Cajen style. Sonny Landrath, one of the hottest slide players around! Billy gives it a go-round.

Lala...while we in Louisiana, we still goin with the slide thang, but a whole different groove, from the "workin in a coal mine" guy, Lou Dorsey.

She's into Somethin'...a little bit o' rocka rhumba will getcha right.And you have seen this girl at all our gigs, we love her dearly.

Love Me 2 Times...everybody loves the Doors. Gotta do it, 2X

Gonna Move...gotta throw down some kinda gospel dealie. Paul Pena was here for a short time, but he brung it. So does Charlie..

SusieQ....Oh some MORE Credence? Sure, and we got more, if yah want it. yah know yah do...

Sway/Meet me at Cleo's...now, we go ffrom Credence to LOUNGE. Classy, baby, Martini with yer pinky up. Here's a 2 fer: Dean Martin & Joey Artruda

T-Bone Shuffle...go'in ta Chicago for this one, Jerome's hometown. You can hear the L-train rhumble on this'n.

Para Donde Vas...we love New Orleans and we love the music. And yah gotta love the Iguanas if dats dat.Where you going?

Take a walk on the Wild Side...Lou Reed? "Do do do do do do do......" C'mon with us, ya gotta! We'll "Take a walk ", togther!

Let's Go...let's go, indeed. Listen ta Frankie on this one, he means it....Richie Valens uptempo rocker that gets em' ALL up!

In Your Wildest Dreams...a little bit of one of Charlie's favorite guys, the Reverend Horten Heat. A little rockin rhumba with a cubania style thrown in. Check it!

Jamaica Farewell...Island music, let's go coco loco!

Strut..a little sophisticato bluesification from our man Taj Majal. Strut? Strut!

Folsom Prison Blues...gotcher "Man in Black". Don't know WHO don't like THAT! And we gotcher chicken pickin dealie, yah buddy!


Big thanks to our pals at Bill Gaines Audio for recording these bits at our special event. No, YOU guys ROCK!

WE used to rule the world ......new Bonnie Raitt tune.Who sez ya can't teach old dogs? And who you callin old?

LaLa .....Old New Orleans classic, with a twist.

Gonna Move ....Paul Pena tune. Goggle the dude, and catch his documentary-you'll be happy ya did. Charlie did, and learned this tune.

Credence Medly..... 2 for one is always good, especially in THIS economy.

Tonite the Bottle Let me Down.....A pearl , from Merle. We love country, we put the "tree" in "County".

Rockin' Pnuemonia....Country, oldie, swamp? A mix of everythang...

Last Dance with MaryJane....Tom Petty cover tune, oh do we have more!

Para Donde Vas ....fine Latin tune by one of our favorite New Orleans bands, the Iguanas. Now, if I only knew what I was sayin..

Take the A Train.....jazz standard, with gusto el mio

Jamaica Farewell....Lezz go to da islands, mahhhn.


more on the way!



Here' some tunes from our Grover Beach Concert, around 6-2011.The recordings turned out the best of all the recorded material this year,so let's throw down.... Let's start at the beginning....

Take A Walk on the Wildside A little Lou Reed, perhaps? I have been shocked to see Grammas, singin along....GO, Gramma!

Creedence Clearwater Revival Medly 2 popular favs.

Jamaica Island Music Who don't love this?

Give it to Me This cover is waaay under the radar for most folks, but everybody loves it...Reggae-ish, funky, and fun.

T-Bone Shuffle Folks love our bass player's singing! Go Frank!

Run Thru the Jungle A romp in the swamp,yah? No gaters, here, so you are good to go....

Go There A medly with 2 songs, first one features Charlieon vocals , with all the boys backin' him up.

Secret Agent Man Yah, everybody gets "Pulp Fiction on us with this'n.

Sway, Meet me at Cleo's A quirky medly of Alligator shoes, couches with tiger theme, and Martinis.

Pirate at 40 Who don't like "Jimmy Buffet"? Yah, I thought so......

Love Me 2 Times Mmmm, Doors, anybody?

Don't Worry Baby Rock out, seriously......Los Lobos!!!

She's Into Something Ok, calm down....Time for----"Rocka-Rhumba"....da groove BLUUZE.

Kik it Around Robert Hunter, under the radar.....that's ok, we'll git it fer ya...

Pink Panter-Call me the Breeze Much reproduced, below.....but ALWAYS different, and rockin.

Nasty Habits But that don't make us bad....only "funky"

Para Donde Vas Music from new Orleans---always a "journey". Ahem.

He Don't Love You Alrighty, we do unrequited love tunes....Franky sounds so good, you forget how sad the tune is...kinda.

Lupita A song by the "Iguanas" from New Orleans...A conga-line blossoms out on the dance floor, usually....

Folsom Prison Johnny Cash, anybody? Ummm, you, who said "No"....You're NOT from around here, are ya? I thought not....

C'mon Let's Go A great 50s rocker that makes the translation to "Now"

The Bottle Let Me Down A pearl, from Meryl.....that's "Haggard", not Saunders, Deadheads....altho Jerry did Merrl Hag too...don't cha know...

Gotta Get it worked On Swamp music from our Texas Fav Delbert McClindon

MUCH more to come.....Itsa New Year!!!!!!!!!!!



Music from Templeton Concert

With the addition of our new guitar player, Charlie Foppiano, there is some fire that he brangs to the mix. I'll post the "Whole 2 hour Concert" in 2 segmants , BS included......I wish there was a filter for the BS, but so far, um....nothing. All you young programmers out there: please look into this!!!

As we get get time, I'll post by the song, and break it down fer ya. But until then:

Click for Hour 1

Click for Hour 2

20 minute Sampler (for the short attention span)

(In the link above, I editted a pile of tunes together, about a minute per song)

Links to youtube.....Ya know, I could embed these videos directly, but I think I'll just give you the link, and you can go to youtube yer-own-sef. I don't wanna micromanage this thing too much, don't cha know.......

Here's our Youtube channel:Click Me!

Mighty Croons Dogs opening up with "the Pink Panther"....Click me, Going to Youtube!

The Mighty Ones doing some New Orleans music....Click me, going to Youtube!

Clicking the last entry will take ya to the MCD channel....there will be more! Oh yah!

Downtown Concert Series in San Luis Obispo-June 19, 2009

Thanks to Bill Gaines Audio, and especially Toby who handled the LIVE sound AND the recording-You rock, Dude!!

The whole Enchilada......Download this, and you got the whole ding dang deal!(111 Megs)....

Selected tunes, not already duplicated....

Pink Panther.....Henry Mancini instrumental, cool cats dig it...

Coasters Medly......Gotta love these old tunes, everybody always sings along with Frank on this.....It starts with a tune you 'may' recognize..

Call Me the Breeze.........J J Cale, tune, the guy who wrote "Cocaine", which we haven't done in 12 years// Yup, both....song and the tune..

Kick It around.....Reggae/Shuffle,under the radar tunage,great concert/dance tune

Walking with Mr Lee.....Old R&B tune, from New Orleons, Scotty rips on Sax!

Run Thru the Jungle....Dredged this outa the Creedence Swamp, nobody does "scary" like Frank!

Everything I Do Is Bad For Me......Ain't it the truth, everything fun.....

That's What Daddy Wants.....Yup, we do Texas Swing, and we love it....a Wayne Hancock tunes that gets the boots ta tappin...

Credence Medly....Lookin Out My Backdoor & Midnite Special......EVERYBODY loves em!

Harlem Medly....Harlem Nocturne & Harlem Shuffle...man, talk about bridging 2 opposites! Yikes...

.T-Bone Shuffle..This is reproduced below, but we have Billy's son Charlie blowing thru this ass well. Big guitars, and the happy blues!!

We have more tunes on the way...We are ALWAYS learning new stuff, and we have a Concert in Paso in July, so more is on the way!

But keep downloading, this stuff is good too!

Harbor Festival in Morro Bay.............

Our heart goes out to you guys who sat out in the rain and rocked out with us! Love to you, love to YOU!!!And no, I'm not gay....just empathetic...

.Exactly Like you.............A good way to set the groove, and then ramp up from here...Some guy asked us if we were from Louisiana, and to me, that was the BEST compliment in the world!!!!

You Make Me Feel Like Dancin.............Yep, disco music....Hey, we like it all......Get cher' "whooooo" on, now...Try it in cowboy boots...

Pirate Looks at 40.......We had to, c'mon, ...Morro BAY....-Ya gotta do Jimmy Buffet....

Love Me 2 Times. ......The Doors, people love em...If you don't think Frank burns on this, you need to get your sense of smell examined..

I Love Lucy....I've had more peple ask me what song this is...they love it, they smile, and they are bugged because they can't make the connection...One night, after playing this, everybody howled love and I said "Quiet, you'll wake little Ricky". Some guys yelled out "F##K little Ricky!"....Sorry, we laughed for 5 minutes and re-named the song...-But this is a "family" website, so we'll keep it clean here!

Monkey Around..... Delbert McClindon , from Texas, wrote this...Under-the- radar, baby!! BUT coo!!

Sway....Ricky Riccardo, NOW Dean Martin! Are we cool, or just brain damaged? I dunno...

T-Bone Shuffle......This'll put cho' right...

I've Got A Beau Beau.....That's hangover, in New Orleaons,where they make em....

Good Rockin'....Close it out with a "Honeydrippers" tune....


We played a concert in Paso Robles Park .Here's what Nancy from Special Events said:

I just wanted to thank you again for your great performance at our Concerts in the Park series. It was so awesome to work with respectfulmusicians that every age group enjoys! You drew in 400 more than last year's same date concert and 200 more than your last performance. Those are fantastic numbers when we are competing against the Fair! I made you 4 color copies of the Tribune article and picture from last week. I mailed to your PO Box. Email me the link to the concert on the web and I will see if I can get it up on our city website. Thanks again Billy. Please always feel free to use me as a reference- not that you need any!!!
Happy Summer!
Nancy Ross Joynt
Staff Assistant - Special Events
City of Paso Robles
Dept. of Library & Recreation Services
805 237-4741

These guys are the greatest guys to work with!~ Thanks Nancy, and hope to see ya next year!

JUST IN: Paso Robles Community Concert Tunage...July 25,2008

Here's the tunes from the event Nancy (up above) was talkin bout!

So here's some tune-age:(and here's HOW to save these samples)

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In a couple weeks, I'll edit a BIG audio file together, and have snippets of each tune....Until then, download to yo' hearts content....

Pirate Looks at 50.....Jimmy Buffet tune, a good starter to get our groove on ..

Barefootin......Let's get the party going!

Hound Dog.... Done as a scary Rhumba...Frankie, you scare me sometimes....

Exactly Like You ....Stolen from New Orleans, brought home to Paso...

Jamaica Farewell....Island music just makes ya feel good...

Shufflin Back to Memphis.....Slide and R&R with the Dawgs

She Never Spoke Spanish.....Beautiful Texas tune,soulfully rendered by Frankie

Good Rockin at Midnite....We usually end with this one (ahem, after we play this, they make us stay 1,2, 3 hours more.I'm not kidding.).This may keep you downloading (heh heh heh)

All Shook Up....Elvis has entered the park, folks...channeled by Frankie

It's Now Or Never...2 Elvis tunes in a row? Yep, so different...Scotty has so much cheese on the sax, he's gonna hurt himself oneday...Keep clear, or you will get a "velveeta overcoat".

Folsom Prison ...Everybody likes Johnny Cash....Um, Frankie, you ever done time?

Lookin Out/Susie D.....2 Creedence Clearwater tunes, run togtheter...I believe ya like em' both...

C'mon Let's Go....Richie Valen, from the 50's

T-Bone Shuffle & Love Me 2 Times ....A great blues tune, run back to back with a great Doors tune..Go Frankie!

Sway.....From the Doors to...Dean Martin???? Who would do such a thing...Why us,silly! Just leave it to the professionals, and look out for the "velveeta overcoat"...don't get anyonya...

He Don't Love You....A classic, done by our premier balladier, FRANKIE!

I got a Beaux Beaux....I got one, and YOU don't want one. Jerome brought this "under the radar" zydeco scortcher in.... it's "New Orleans-speak" for a rip-roarin HANGOVER....We love the tune, and Frankie sings it like he brought in a couple in his former days.....

Great Balls Of Fire ....If you don't pat'cher foot to this, Jack, you dead.

Para Donde Vas....We love the music from New Orleans, and here's one from our best-ust band, the Iguanas. Where you goan? I wanna go with you!Google the Iguanas, and go get their latest! and their old stuff too...and they are NICE guys!

Glad for Your Sake....You like the blues? Unrequited love? Heartbreak and anguish? It's all right here, as Frankie throws down his money ....

Good Lovin....Great oldie,even the young kids dig it...And some think it's a Grateful Dead Cover...

Lupita...Oh excuse me, didja think we were done with the Iguanas? No way,this one never fails....I have Conga-line dreams after playing this one for years!

Monkey Around/Maybelline....A GREAT Delbert McClinden tune, Frankie tears it up!And back to back with a love song about fast, rotating machinery...


So here's some tune-age:(and here's HOW to save these samples)

Windows user:
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MAC users:
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Dave Congalton Radio Show on KVEC 920 (newest-4/25/08) Join us for an impromptu visit of acoustic tunes and hijinks....

Cambria Concert Sampler....Our second gig this year, after we did the Paso Wine Fest (with 20,000 of our closert friends..) Steve had rocked so hard the day before, his voice wes toast on this event, so he's kinda skaratchy, by his own addmission...Has some oldies...

Second Cambria Sampler....More of the same! Take it easy next time, Steve!

Diamonds and Denim.....Here's some music from the Templeton Fun-Raiser....After sitting down to a sumptious meal from Ian Mcfee, people(1200!) opened their wallets and helped the school district by paricipating in the auction....Then, we were their reward for behaving themselves, so you will notice we KRANKED tun-age...The Frankie's bass is mixed low on this, and it is an important part of our sound (he's half of the "Oh my Gawd- riddem section), but ya gotta go with whatcha got.....And this is OVER an hour of up-tempo rockin....but it should be a relatively fast download....

Lounge Tunes (Stairway to Heaven)....Ok, here's a style we kind of made up to amuse ourselves, and it really has caught on....A lot of times , people will ask us to play backround music, say for 1 or 2 hours, and then DANCE music...Well, we play soft jazz, and sambas, bossas, and whatever...but once the waiter wanted to hear Led Zepplin while we were playing a Doctor Appreciation gig, where they wanted easy listening jazz...so to make everybody happy, we played "Stairway to Heavin" in a jazz swing style....and needless to say, heads DID swing around, and people dug it....Well, we have expanded the material to "Freebird" as a ballad, and some ACDC tunes done as sambas...Here's an example of this tecnique, and people really love it....We will record more as time goes...

Dirty Deeds, Done Dirt Cheap....Um, yup, another bossa, except an ACDC cover, done a while ago with our former singer Laura...This has turned heads, and inspired wild uncontrollable laughter when the hip parties figured the deal.It actually works well as a bossa nova....Go, Brazil...

Soon, we'll record "Freebird" and that guy will never ask for it again, once it's been viewed thru the "Kenny G" prism...heh heh heh...


---------Video -----Video -----Video -----Video --------Video-----Video-----Video-----Video

But wait, the fun never really ends, does it? Here's a smaller video, which features the famous "mermaids of mambo"....Here's about 4 minutes of dance fever, that you really should sea, er, see....
Mermaids of Mambo!!

I have tons of sound clips of the old band, but there is really no point in featuring them any more....THIS is the new band, and it smokes!LET'S FOCUS ON THE FUTURE....