Music, balance, and roots

March 14, 2011

Meet the Foppers

People want to know what we sound like --LIVE----

The following FREE downloads are designed to reflect how we sound LIVE. So no tedious micro-edits, expensive processing, and obsessive overdubs---THIS is the real deal! Most of these offerings were done in one take, with the idea that "that's the way it goes at the gig..."

One tune has an overdub, just because it was impossible to reach for the slide while I was singing, kicking the bass drum, engineering,watching levels, and remembering what I was 'spose ta sue me!

So , after hearing these clips, hit our web calendar, and come join us. We play Pozo, Bon Temps Creole Cafe, Cambria Pines Lodge regularily---So join the fun, cuz that's what we're havin!


Music is best-- LIVE!----


So NOW that we have these LIVE cuts, one-take wonders (I lied, we did "Carnival" seven times, but we wanted it to be good....), we will make more....

AND THEN, we will get a pile of "obsessive, micro-editted,,so pristinely micro-managed we killed any ounce of feel" tunes ready for your consuming pleasure. Don't take that away from us.

Hmm. Somehow, I doubt we will get to the last stage. Ya gotta be a "Fopper" ta know why...

Downloadable Tunes!


The Big One!
This is several tunes edited to run together if you suffer attention deficit syndrome. It goes for 6-7 minutes...

Bye, Bye, Blackbird
New Orleans standard, a little "throat thomnet" thrown in since the orchestra has been downsized, it's different every time...Check it out!

A great instumental brazilian tune by Jobim...Beautiful, and always fun to play.

Fire On the Mountain
Marshal Tucker tune, with a rich hillbilly history of murder, gold and pioneering spirit. I'm home!

Creole Belle
A great old roots tune by so many people...Mississippi John Hurt, Taj Mahal, Doc Watson....We made some adaptations, thanks to our pal Chris Johnson. Hey Chris!!!

The Cowboy Song & Keb Mo
Song by the Amazing Rhythm Aces, butted up to a Keb Mo tune. Lookout, the famous overdub..

Perpetual Bluesmachine


A song by Keb Mo, which definatly has it's grovethang goan . Stomp yer feet.


Pencil-thin Mustache

A Jimmy Buffet tune, everybody digs the old-timie style .


LIVE Radio Broadcast

Dave Congalton's Hometown Radio Show on 920 AM, KVEC Done in 2-3-2011




WOKAY! We got more LIVE tunage with our pal Eric on Djembe, live from Laguana Park. Thanks to Dustin and Ry from Bill Gaines Audio

Perpetual . Keb Moe tune

Shoe . Jessie Winchester tune

Jungle. from the Disney "JungleBook"

Got Away Tom Waits tune

Sway Yup, Dean Martin.So what?

ChooChoo Swing tune from the 40s

Maybelline Like cars? Me too.

Do Right sez the lovely Rachel

Old Cowhand with an amusing story. oh Bob don't shoot me. Please.

Fire Marshall Tucker tune about murder, death, Calif History.

Bill Gaines Thanks!

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