This electro-acoustic ensemble is perfect for smaller, more intimate settings. With an emphasis on crooning heartfelt harmonies, the Croon Dogs Duo has an upbeat musical style that gets everybody's toes tapping.

Lively and talented, the Croon Dogs Duo has a reputation for pleasing crowds of all ages and diverse musical tastes. The group performs regularly at venues where mixed audiences enjoy their versatility and wide-ranging song selection.

The Croon Dogs Duo is a frequent choice for entertainment at the Pozo Saloon, where their zany humor and infectious wit enliven every show. Because of their vast songlist, and willingness to mix genres, no two performances are ever the same.


Members of the Croon Dogs Trio can be:

"Guitar Wizard"Billy Foppiano - electric and acoustic lead guitar, vocals
Frank Parades, vocals

Jerome Taylor- Drums, percussion, and vocals

Scotty Wright-Sax, animal noises

Booking info:E-mail Billy

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