The Mighty Croon Dogs have an upbeat style focusing on R&B and blues, with an infusion of rock, soul, salsa, reggae, funk, latin, swing, country and jazz to add to the fun. Whether they're playing well-known cover tunes or their own accessible originals, their music is always a pleasure to listen to -- and it's very danceable as well. And these guys are THE guys if you want to have fun!!!!

On April 23, we lost our faboulous singer and percussionist, Laura Lee...We will always miss her....Her warmth and talent will be always remembered...Since then, we have healed up, re-formed , and back together with a crack crewe of wonderful, easygoing, talented players......we will keep keepin' on!


Members of the band are:

Billy Foppiano -- Known as the "Guitar Wizard," Billy has been pleasing crowds all over the Central Coast for years. Billy has been the energetic lead singer and guitar master of many well-known local bands, and is widely respected as one of the area's best electric guitar players. His original tune, "Downtown," is featured on a recent recording to benefit the local homeless center.

Frank Paredes -- A familiar face on the Central Coast music scene for two decades, Frank is equally at home in all styles of music , and is part of the two headed beast "The Omi-Gawd Riddem Section". His dynamic bass-playing has added a rhythmic edge to many local bands over the years, and his tastefull singing helps to define the bands name.He is part 1 of the "The Omi-Gawd Riddem Section"......

The kid.

Charlie Foppiano -- The son of Billy, Charlie has definately got his own unique style. Of course, everybody sings, and Charlie brings his thang into the mix.Charlie went to "Famous Guitar School" in Hollywood, and brings a technical but soulful vibe to the band. Charlie's expressive musical voice is always a crowd-pleaser.

Beat makin'  music Croondog

Jerome Taylor -- Another long-time local musician, Jerome hosts the KCBX (90.1 Hz, or radio show "The Universal Language on Friday night from 8:30-10 PM. Check it out! He has a keen sense of musical programing , and can be heard lining up the next tune fer all y'all His lively rhythms round out the band's fun sound, and his powerfull vocals add to the mix. He is part 2 of the "The Omi-Gawd Riddem Section".....

Check what the critics are saying:

"The most fun band of the whole line-up...known for their we'll-bring-the-party-to-you attitude."
--Glen Starkey, Music Editor, New Times

"Delicious harmonies and hot musicians...singing to melt your heart."
--Diane Urbani, Happenings Editor, New Times

 "Heartfelt singing and talented musicianship...vivacious wit... powerful vocals are big on emotion....The Croon Dogs are barking up the right tree."
--Lee Sutter, The Cambrian

 "High energy, jumping rhythm & blues you can really wag your tail to....Howlin' sweet harmonies and unleashed instrumentation...soulful singing straight from the heart...smoking, rump-shaking guitar leads."
--San Luis Obispo Blues Society News

 "Billy Foppiano is one of the county's best electric guitar players."
--San Luis Obispo Magazine

"Ummm....A great band worth paying for twice......About 6 months ago, Stephanie got the money for the band from her father....She immediatly spent all the money on "other things".....About a week before the wedding, she confessed to her dad that she spent all the money, and needed to pay for the band......again. At the end of the night, her father agreed that the band was well worth the price....two times, in fact"
--Vince, the happy husband

 "The Dogs are well-known for their rock, blues, and R&B prowess--everybody gets up and dances."
--Glen Starkey, Music Editor, New Times

 "Their lively energy and enthusiasm carry right into the audience, adding to the sense of fun."
--Atascadero News